We now present Video CV

By April 13, 2015News Archive

In HR Manager, we have a constant focus on modern trends, innovation and improvements with the desire to optimize the user friendliness of the recruitment system and reduce the time spent on administration.

We are therefore pleased to present a new and modern functionality for our customers; Video CV. This is a significant and efficient functionality for the user who wants to optimize the screening process and wants a more detailed and visual impression of the candidate. This leads to a dynamic and innovative way of applying which is very beneficial for the candidate as well as the user.

Here the candidate must choose in which way the video is to be recorded or uploaded:

upload video to HR Recruiter

The Video icon shows that the candidate has uploaded a Video CV:


You then click on the icon and the Video will start playing:

Video CV english

For further information, you are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone: +45 72 44 06 44.