Upgrade to Talent Onboarding v.2

Talent Onboarding v.2 was launched on august 15th. Since you have earlier purchased Talent Onboarding v.1 you will get the upgrade free of charge.

What’s new?

Talent Onboarding v.2 has been developed on a new technical platform and has a far more modern look and a greatly improved user experience that you will enjoy.

One of the new features is that reminders will be sent to both task assignee and process owner automatically, based on task due date. This will help you streamline the process.

It is still a solution that will help you to onboard new employees in a structured and user-friendly way. You can automate your manual processes by assigning and following up tasks to be performed in the hiring process.

There is also a new and simplified menu for administrators:

Employee portal

Once you have started the onboarding process, you can invite a new employee to the Employee Portal. This is the same portal we have had for a while that integrated with Talent Onboarding v.2. The purpose of the portal is to share information and communicate with new employees.

The portal consists of cards for various purposes such as sharing documents, links, videos, contact information and other relevant information. Information can be obtained from the new employee by using the Form card. Furthermore, there is a chat that allows process owners and new employees to communicate directly. Both the number of portals and the number of forms in the portals are unlimited.

Important information

Note that the processes must be rebuilt in TO v.2, but you will still have access to both processes and templates in TO v.1 after the upgrade. Thus, you will have the opportunity to manually copy data from there.
We also want to make you aware that you must complete the processes in TO v.1, as these cannot be transferred to TO v.2. You will still have access to TO v.1 to view historical data until December 31th 2020.