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Administration of available positions, unsolicited applications and job agents
Direct integration to website, LinkedIn and job portal
Mass invitation of candidates, with time slots, by email or text
Digital signature of all documents
Flexible access to administrators, leaders and employees


Modern and user friendly with focus on few clicks
Responsive design for phones and tablets, also for applicants
Customise the recruitment system to the company’s needs
Recruitment app for all users
Cloud based with ongoing updates

Can the recruitment system function on cell phones and on social platforms?

Talent Recruiter is a recruitment system, directly integrated with your website, intranet, job portals and social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We create ads and application forms with responsive design, which will match your employer branding, so the candidates easily can apply through mobile units.

We offer our application Talent Recruiter to all our customers. The application can be used to for the entire recruitment process on your phone.

We also offer integrations from our recruitment system to different test suppliers, time registration systems and our HR system; Talent Manager. Therefore we would love to have a chat with you about your certain needs.

What system is Talent Recruiter?

Talent Recruiter is a SaaS solution, that does not need any installation or maintenance of internal it resources. Our very skilled developers have created a cloud based platform, which is standard for all our customers. A standard solution means we can offer adaptions for all customers, but they are part of a larger community. There is not a single one of our customers that has the same settings, because we always choose settings in the implementation phase.

We furthermore offer ongoing updates, just like the other solutions, free of charge!

It means a lot to us that we can develop in cooperation with our customers, which means all our solutions has been developed WITH and TOGETHER with HR professionals.

Talent Recruiter is also ready for the new personal data protection regulation – and ensures compliance throughout the system, for all types of businesses on all markets.

We implement the system with you…

It is very important for us that Talent Recruiter is a customised recruitment system for all our customers, for all their needs.

We visit you for a startup meeting where we go through the functionalities and opportunities in the recruitment system and listen to your processes. We will then cooperate with you and your implementation consultant, to make sure it’s customised to all your needs. The last step will be a revisit and a training session, for you and your super users. You will then be ready to go live.

Our consultants are always available and will contribute to you receiving the right knowledge for the usage of the recruitment system. They will ensure an effective and educational process with you.

Book a time for a demo – completely noncommittal

Our customers say the following about HR Manager…

“As a part of our strategy, we have a lot of focus on automating and digitalizing our HR processes. We have therefore looked for a trustworthy cooperation partner, with a passion for creating modern and user-friendly HR system. Our demands for this system was that it could simplify our HR processes, comply with the new personal data regulation and give us a quick visual overview of our employee data. By implementing Talent Recruiter and Talent Manager, we found a cooperation partner has been easy to reach and listening to our needs. They also continuously develop their products, meaning we always have a system that’s up to date. It is a pleasure working with the employees from HR Manager Talent Solutions, who are always passionate and professional. ”

Anders Mærsk, HR Manager, Albatros Travel

“Here in McDonald’s, recruiting the absolute best and most ambitious candidates, whom we can develop and integrate in the McDonald’s family. This is actually the reason for choosing HR Manager’s recruitment system, which in any thinkable way has been way better than expected. The system matches our recruitment processes and the restaurant managers are extremely satisfied. We were even able to receive a direct integration to our time registration system, in which data is automatically transferred. It is an absolute pleasure working with HR Manager. ”

Katrine Schelbli, Senior HR Consultant, McDonald’s

“At Amnesty International we have countless of different tasks and job types, meaning a well-functioning recruitment system it very important. We come from a different supplier, which we were satisfied with, but we still chose to switch to HR Manager because of the user-friendliness and flexibility. We have most definitely not regretted this decision! It has been a fantastic implementation and we always experience a spot on service when we contact the support team, which means we can focus on our primary tasks.”

Elisabeth Rasmussen, HR Responsible, Amnesty International

“The dream for everyone working with recruitment. Simple and user-friendly.”

Jan Erik Karlsen, Recruiter, Nordea

“It has been a problem free process to implement the system in all our stores in 5 countries. The leaders’ experience is that the system is easy to use and they can use it without any problems – even without education. The support is quick and effective, which contributes to our close bond with HR Manager. They are always listening and our opinion is that there is a great development potential with HR Manager as our supplier.”

Maria Wiik, HR Manager, Glitter International ApS

“A great thanks must go to HR Manager for a solid E-recruitment program with focus on user-friendliness. The users in Strömma Denmark are satisfied and have all had very positive experiences. We also experience the same level of professionalism and high quality from the HR Manager team when we need assistance.”

Lars Edvardsen, Personnel manager, Strömma Danmark

“Talent Recruiter works very well as a useful tool in regards to recruiting many employees. The system has simplified the recruitment processes in Fjord Line Denmark A/S and we also use it for personality testing our candidates. Talent Recruiter is in any thinkable way a great recruitment tool.”

Lene Byskov Kristiansen, HR Assistant, Fjord Line Danmark A/S

“We have been with HR Manager since they were established on the Danish market. HR Manager has shown themselves as a being listening, flexible and very competent cooperative partner. HR Manager always have focus on optimizing their recruitment tool, to create more overview and value for our daily recruitment processes.”

Helle Meedom, HR Assistant, Kyocera Unimerco

“We implemented Talent Recruiter at AIBEL in May 2008, and use the system on all our locations, in Norway and anywhere else in the world. Our experience is that the system is extremely user-friendly and is very easy to learn, both for the professional HR consultants and our leaders. We receive all the feedback and support we need, when we need it. Since we started using Talent Recruiter, we have recruited more than 1000 employees globally, all through the system.”

Hanne Ottesen, HR Manager Recruitment, AIBEL AS

“Talent Recruiter fungerer som et godt og nyttigt redskab i forbindelse med rekruttering af mange medarbejdere. Systemet har lettet rekrutteringsprocesserne i Fjord Line Danmark A/S, og vi bruger det samtidig til håndtering af personlighedstest af vores kandidater. Talent Recruiter er på alle måder et godt rekrutteringsværkstøj.”

Christelle Haug Dehli, Researcher, AIMS International

“When we were choosing recruitment system, it was utmost important that the system was user-friendly, for our applicants as well as our users. Our experience is that HR Manager lives up to our expectations. We have had the system adjusted for our needs and we keep experiencing new forms of flexibility within the system. We also deeply appreciate the fact that our experiences are taken in consideration in regards to the development of the system. ”

Christina Lindskog, HR consultant, Wiersholm, Mellbye & Bech advokatfirma AS