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Create onboarding processes for different positions
Receive aid to follow up on processes, with reminders
Give the onboarding responsible a proper to-do list
Invite new employees to a portal, for chatting and info sharing
Adapt the interface to your language


Contributes to simplification and effectivisation
Gives insight and stores all processes in one place
Only admins and responsibles can see the processes
Give newly employed personnel overviews
Contributes to increased engagement and effectivity

Onboarding system with automated processes

Talent Onboarding ensures that the onboarding is systematic and consists of two modules, “Tasks” and “Portal”. The portal handles the introduction and communication with the newly employed. This is why Talent Onboarding doesn’t just aid you with your tasks but also contributes to a proper communication between leader and employee. This will give your employees a fantastic first impression of you, being an employer.

Onboarding processes are created with a set of tasks, which are distributed to the one who does the task. Reminders are sent automatically to the responsible people, for the tasks as well as the processes.

Newly employed are invited to the portal. In the portal, you may add documents, links, general info, videos, chat with the new employee and much more. The tasks and the portal can be set up individually, based on position type or simply a common standard for the entire organisation.

Onboarding processes

Onboarding portal for newly hired

Which system is Talent Onboarding?

Talent Onboarding is a cloud-based service, that doesn’t require local hardware or maintainance from internal IT ressources.

The system can be adjusted to the individual customer’s needs. This means, the system is intuitive and the implementation mainly consists of finding the optimal way, for you as a customer, to use the system.

New functionalities are being developed as we go, which allows us to minimise the time you wait for a new function.

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