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By December 12, 2014News Archive

We now provide an application template tailored for mobile devices for all of our customers, so applicants can now easily and quickly apply for positions via mobile devices! This creates user-friendliness – and ensures that the applicants get a positive impression of the application process.

At HR Manager, we will live up to our company’s values. This means we constantly focus on innovation and new thinking.
HR Manager will be the first to meet the customers’ need for an innovative approach to daily life. We work with new trends, developing ourselves as a creative company that focuses on quality, professionalism and customer understanding.

The tailor-made application template is automatically enabled for applicants who are looking for positions via mobile devices.



[spacer]Candidates can also upload their CVs and other documents from the Cloud, including Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, etc. This ensures a solution that is user-friendly and easy to use, enabling candidates to search for a position regardless of where they are.[spacer]


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JobIndex states in this context:

Over 40 % of visitors to use a smartphone or tablet. This means that it is important there is focus on solutions that are tailored for mobile communications, to achieve an optimal and user-friendly experience for the visitor.”

~ Berit Egholm, Markedssjef, Jobindex

The system is tailored to meet all of the requirements for mobile platforms and social media. In addition, HR Manager is at the forefront of mobile applications, which are essential for the users of the system who require fast access to recruitment.

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