New features in API

It’s important for us to optimise our API continuously:


Restful-API: Ability to filter Employees by ‘Last updated’:

The restful API is updated with new features that makes it easier to locate the updated employee records. By including a date parameter (updatedsince=2018-10-18) the output from the API can be filtered to show only the employees updated since that specific date. The API has also been extended to include a last updated field in the list view to enable building custom filters into service clients.

Restful-API: Option to ignore Certificates.Document.Bytes:

The certificate section of the detailed employee output includes a bytes element that is a representation of the certificate file. This bytes element is now made optional with a new parameter.

By including the parameter ignoreCertificatesDocumentBytes=true to your API request the bytes element of the certificates will be empty. This will make employee details requests lighter for better performance when the bytes are not needed.

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