Increased focus on Employer Branding

By January 11, 2016News Archive

Being the supplier of the most popular recruitment system in Denmark, we find it quite important and highly relevant to reflect on how candidates experience the application process. That is why we are doing everything we can to insure an easy and simple experience for more than the thousand candidates that apply every day to our over 300 customers.

In addition to candidates applying to vacancies, they are also able to send unsolicited applications and we offer all our customers the possibility of using a job agent for the candidates. This allows the candidates to enter their email address or mobile phone number so they can receive information about the new positions the company is posting – this without the candidate having to create a user with data and documents, or having to log in.

We have always had focus on helping our customers to optimize ”Employer Branding” by customizing advertisements with contact persons, sharing through social medias, links, Google Maps, videos, images, and so on. See for example this:



Falck is currently using the recruitments system Talent Recruiter, where Pernille Sandberg, who is Falcks’ HR- and Communication Manager, explains the importance of protecting the company’s brand.

She says:

”The employer branding- part is very important for a company today. It is the employees that are helping to create the company’s brand. If you have satisfied employees – which you, amongst others, get if you have well-functioning systems and processes – then this will rub off on the outside world and thus also on the company’s brand.

It is vital that we as a company have a user-friendly e-recruitment tool that ensures that the job seekers will get a good user experience. If one does not have this, it can quickly damage the company’s brand. It is also vital that the system is intuitive and user friendly so that the employees quickly can start using the system. It is moreover important that it is, in some way or another, secure for the future – if you for example in the long run want to start using the system in multiple countries – in addition to being compatible to different devices so it’s possible to use the system through apps, and not just when you are in front of a computer. ”

Pernille Sandberg, HR- and communication manager, Falck Group Assistance

Read the whole case with Pernille from Falck HERE.

It is important to us to offer solutions that are mobile customized, so that the candidate can in a quick manner apply through mobile units – in addition to still focusing on “Employer Branding” for our customers.

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