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By April 2, 2017News Archive

A great part of our daily lives in HR Manager consists of supplying corporations with services, that many of our customers demands and appreciates. As our new hashtag sets the stage for; #HRinfront, we are always running the extra mile to ensure our lead with newest features initiatives. This is also one of the important elements, which causes that HR employees receives a far better overview when administrating data and procedures in their companies.

Our relation between us and a customer is always considered as being a cooperation, which means our finest task is to cherish our strong and professional cooperation with our customers. This cooperation is constantly being developed so we can continue offering the most flexible and user friendly HR tools on the market. Our DNA has always been that we do not only adapt our systems in the direction of the newest trends, but that we are also starting trends. We have been in the search of something special that describes our mindset as a supplier, and in this regard we started a new hashtag matching our values; #HRinfront.

Julie Maja Nielsen, Nordic Chief Business Development Officer, HR Manager


All customers benefit from new features

The corporations that works with either Talent Recruiter, Talent Onboarding or Talent Manager; or the entire HR platform is both large and small businesses in all industries. Some customers may not have any particular requests, some has few requests and others have a lot of specific requests. Regardless, we always take the requests into great consideration and identity where the need is greatest.

We are always working to accommodate customers’ requests that are not yet a part of our functionalities, which has given us some exceptionally desirable and flexible systems. This is caused by our policy that all development and newest features always are available to all customers.

”Throughout the years I have been working in HR Manager, we have had a lot of requests about new smart features. Most of the requests has been integrated in our systems since we have seen the value of these features – and because we want to be a flexible supplier. We know how important it is to be heard. Our customers really appreciate our way of developing which gives us daily reports of positive experiences with our implementation and support departments.”

Julie Maja Nielsen, Nordic Chief Business Development Officer, HR Manager
When HR employees handle tasks like recruiting, onboarding or other general management and development of employees, our customers need a user friendly system combined with flexibility.
In relation to the technological development and increased demand for mobility, we had as an example already developed our app for all customers in 2014. The purpose of this recruitment app is that any user is able to process candidates, no matter if the user is on the move or at home on the couch. This app was highly requested by our customers and the feedback, just like all our other launches, was exceptionally positive.

”I have between 150 and 180 travelling days every year and HR Managers app has therefor become my trusted travelling companion. This means I can optimize my time and avoid wasting time.”
Lasse Jansen, Scandinavian Recruiting Chief, Lyreco


4 yearly updates

It is of course impossible to develop all sorts of requests since it also has to create some value for our system, but this is a valuation we do for every single request. All customers are granted access to our four yearly updates which also entails our collaborators always using the newest features.
Examples of development requests:

  • Integrations to Outlook, LinkedIn, test tools and many more
  • Developed options for mass inviting candidates to interviews (time slots)
  • Approval flow
  • Digital signature on employment contracts
  • Drag and drop on columns in our systems
  • A committee
    – And many more; all from customers’ requests


Examples on developing as a front mover #HRinfront:

  • Video resume
  • Adapted solution on mobile devices (responsive candidate experience)
  • Talent Recruiter App
  • Advertisement with the option to display Google Maps, video, contact person etc.
  • Apply with LinkedIn
    – And many more; so we can stay in front as the leading supplier.


We also asked our customers about their opinions regarding our systems and collaboration:


”The system assists us in optimizing our recruitment processes. We are very happy for the collaboration with HR Manager and the ongoing work with developments and improvements of the system.”
Susan Nielsen, Personnel Responsible, Vallensbæk Municipality


”It is essential as a business to have a user friendly e-recruitment tool which ensures the candidates an optimal user experience. Besides being user friendly for the candidates, it is also very important that the system is intuitive and user friendly for the companies, so new employees quickly can get started using the system. Furthermore, it needs to be secure for the future – e.g. if a corporation wants to use the system in other countries – but also compatible for different devices, which ensures the users access to the system, even when they’re not in front of their computer.”
Pernille Sandberg, Head of Talent and Leadership & HR Director, Falck Group Assistance


“It has always been a pleasure working with HR Manager; their concept works all the way through. Everything our former supplier did wrong, they are just doing extra well!”
Mette Lolk, HR Business Partner, Caverion A/S


”The collaboration with HR Manager saves Inspari money and time on the bottom line. It is an easy accessible and streamlined recruiting process and after a short introduction to the system, you’re self-propelled.”
Elisabeth Kolind, HR Business Partner, Inspari


”We have been looking for a platform which could support our strategy and create structure for our employee data. The main object for our new HR platform is to work as a HR system, but it is just as important for us that the system can assist us in accommodating the new privacy laws. Both Talent Recruiter and Talent Manager is very user friendly and has a great visual appearance.”
Anders Jacobsen, HR Responsible, Autohuset Vestergaard


EU Privacy Laws

Being the largest and leading supplier in The North, we need to have constant focus on the new EU Privacy Laws, which is active from the 28th may, 2018. This is why we are ready with the development process, which makes sure that we are compliant with the new law. Besides making sure that we are compliant, we also support our customers in their compliance process, and offer a data managing agreement.

“Being the data manager of our customers’ solutions, our greatest assignment is to support our customers the best way possible. That’s why it’s very important in our support department that we can answer any given question about deleting guidelines, process descriptions and general storage of data in our systems. This is exactly why it is crucial with a flexible system, which ensures a good managing of data and a secure data flow.”

Nadja Bengtson, Nordic Support & QA Manager, HR Manager

We continue contributing…

Today HR Manager offers a user friendly system, being the one with most functionalities – as well as being the largest supplier of HR and recruiting systems in the North – which we are very proud of.
We continue striving to be being the supplier with the absolute strongest customer support, being close to our customers and offer the most flexible and user friendly systems.
HR Manager will continue contributing with ways to ease the processes, save time and give a clearer every day life to corporations in the Nordic and international HR and recruitment industry.