Become compliant with HR Manager by Talentech

Data Processor Agreements

HR Manager offers data processor agreements for all our more than 900 customers.  This is how we ensure that we as supplier supports GDPR and protect your data.

The data processor agreements e.g. contains: deliverance and deletion of the data controller’s data, hosting at a third party, breaches on the personal data security – notification duty and much more. These has been made by a lawyer and has been approved by the DPA.

IT and security

Our hosting centre is ISO certificated with the 27001, 14001 and 9001 certificates, which supports all the requirements from the executive notice of security Chapter 2.

HR Manager lives up to all industry standards regarding security of hosting data and we also offer SSO (Single Sign On).

Talent Recruiter, Talent Onboarding and Talent Manager are all designed to support both authentication when logging in, as well as authentication when accessing data and functions.

The employee’s digital folder

With our HR system, you will ensure that all relevant data and documents regarding the individual employee is stored safely. All employees are granted access to their own digital folder, if you as a company wants this feature. It is therefore possible for HR, leaders and employees to maintain their data digitally.

If the employee wishes further insight, you are able to forward the data to the individual employee by ONE click. By having all employee data together, you are able to have an easy overview of the data as well as ensuring compliance for HR, leaders and employees.

Storage solely in EU/EØS

As a customer, you will never experience that we send data out of the EU. We even offer that you can set up limitations outside EU/EØS, if leaders or employees try to log in, in e.g. China.

We are a Norwegian and cloud based company, meaning that our servers are placed within EU/EØS with many security routines. This is how we can ensure that our combined HR platform supports all requirements regarding GDPR and storage of servers.

The candidate’s consent and insight

The recruitment system will ensure that the candidate delivers their consent for storing their personal data in a given period. It is possible to define the amount of time you wish to store the candidate’s data. The recruitment system will delete the data automatically after this period.

When the candidate applies for a position, they will automatically receive an email with ‘Thank you for your application’ and a code for logging in, if the candidate wishes to view the data he/she has applied with. The ’Data take out portal’ makes it possible for the candidate to apply and recieve insight about the applied position and also request deletion of the data.

Digital signature

By having the combined HR platform, we give you the opportunity of sending hiring contracts, consents and other documents to digital signature. This is how you can avoid forwarding documents over email. Several signers can be added, if e.g. a department leader or the executive director has to sign.

You can also use your own defined templates in the system to use merge fields etc. Send the documents by using the Danish NemID, the Norwegian BankID, the Swedish BankID or Global Touch – and receive the signed documents on the individual candidate/employee.

Automation of the data-flow

The need for ’automisating the data flow’ has become more important than ever before, after the arrival of GDPR.

If you are using Talent Recruiter, Talent Onboarding and Talent Manager, you will ensure that the personal data is reused digitally – meaning you avoid double typing and manual labour. The candidate’s data can therefore be reused in the onboarding process, all the way to the candidate being welcome as a new employee. In this hiring process, many parties will be involved, which of course also will be digitally.

In our implementation phase, we always have a dialogue with our customers regarding the optimization of the data flow. This is everything from a leader’s requisition when recruiting, all the way to the employee changing personal data, which will result in time savings as well as increased business value.

We offer you recruitment, onboarding and HR management in one single solution – easy and user-friendly.

We offer recruitment, onboarding and HR management in ONE combined solution – simple and user-friendly.

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