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HR tech grows

We are experiencing that the HR Tech market is moving with an incredible speed; faster than ever before. This is why we started looking into partnerships that would contribute to solving the daily challenges, HR professionals are facing.

The competition for the best talents is tough and requires solid HR Tech solutions, to contribute with optimisation of talent recruitment and development. This is how the focus of 2019 arose.

GDPR has also resulted in an enormous increase of the amount of implemented digital HR solutions across the entire Nordics, since the regulation became effective in December. The increased demand for HR solutions are mostly caused by the desire of having all employee data, documents etc. handled in the correct way, in accordance to GDPR.

We have also noticed that more and more wish to implement the best systems (best of breed solutions) within a given specialist area (e.g. recruitment); with the synchronisation of data through open API’s.

– We want to make a difference for HR professionals! 

First step towards being the leading HR Tech supplier in the Nordics

In December, we announced that HR manager and Webcruiter will no longer be individual companies. The change was made because both companies had received the opportunity of being acquired by the capital fund Verdane. This meant that both companies now had the chance of growing together, using knowledge sharing and cooperation across departments.

Verdane has a vision of progress, development and growth on the HR tech market, shared by both HR Manager and Webcruiter. Together, we will offer the best platform(s) within talent recruitment and development, in the public and private sector alike. Verdane will be bringing, besides capital, a great deal of experience regarding operations and growth. This will be crucial for both HR Manager’s and Webcruiter’s ability of reaching their visions for the future.

The departments at HR Manager and Webcruiter have already been introduced to each other and had social gatherings with a focus on the strengths they possess. This means all employees now feel the expansion of our competency spectrum. Both companies’ solutions will be continuously developed, but with the help of each other and by learning which actions have been successful in the individual departments. This is the way we will ensure that our solutions are the absolute best in the Nordics.

From the left, is Johnny Rindahl from Verdane, Lars Chr. Ringdal from HR Manager, Joakim Kjemperud from Verdane and Fredrik Mæhlum from Webcruiter.

The family is now standing even stronger! 

It is now 6 months after HR Manager and Webcruiter were merged, with the common goal of being the leading supplier of software for talent recruitment and development. ReachMee is the largest supplier within recruitment systems in Sweden, which makes them the perfect candidate for joining this newly started family of companies.

This is why ReachMee became part of the journey and the combined corporation now consists of HR Manager, Webcruiter and ReachMee. This merge brings us even more experience that we may benefit from, more talented consultants to help our amazing customers and last but not least, more power for our development departments. In short, we now have the opportunity of developing more effectively and innovatively than ever before.

“We are very pleased with ReachMee joining us on our growth journey. Together we have solid technological competencies and strong skill sets, in regards to HR and the processes involved. This allows us to use our fantastic situation to develop new and leading HR solutions in ONE combined platform. We are looking forward to offering this enormous product portfolio of quality software to our current and to new customers in The Nordics.”
– Lars Christian Ringdal, CEO in HR Manager/Webcruiter.

“Today we deliver software solutions for streamlining recruitment processes with high quality, to more than 700 customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. By joining HR Manager and Webcruiter, we allow ourselves to offer a larger spectrum of complimentary products, hereby sharing experience etc. This will in the end benefit our customers, who desires entirety solutions and experienced suppliers, to become attractive employers.”
– Nils Bergman, CEO in ReachMee.

The family now stands stronger within onboarding

A short while after ReachMee became part of the journey, the European onboarding provider Talmundo, also joined the family. This means that we are now 4 strong HR system providers sharing resources, which will benefit our customers a great deal.

Talmundo’s software mixes best practice from HR with the customers’ culture, to ensure a perfect onboarding experience for the candidates, as well as the HR personnel using the system. The solution will help companies onboard talents more effectively, integrate more elements as well as simplify many of the processes the HR departments are using today. This is especially useful for the HR professionals working with goals defined in numbers, such as employee engagement, productivity and employment duration. Talmundo’s solution is the perfect match for those who wishes a meaningful onboarding.

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