We evolve along with our customers

By May 19, 2016News Archive

Our progress continues and along with the more than 700 companies now using our systems, we are expanding continuously with new co-workers, new functionalities and more possibilities within optimizations and HR processes in general.

With an interest and insight in the daily users of the systems, we are together creating better premises for the relevant development of the systems – the full benefit of a solid collaboration has great potential.


Through the yearly user seminar, webinars, service calls, and at networking events we will continuously prioritize and accommodate all the great wishes you bring forth – preferably as many of them as possible. Together we create value and relevance for each other.

In the professional interaction with our customers, a close relation is being created that is the foundation of the most user friendly, intuitive, and flexible HR- and recruitment systems on the market.


Pleasantly, this year we can already welcome, among others, the following customers:

  • Autohuset Vestergaard
  • Nobia
  • Bjarne Nielsen
  • Bestseller
  • Comentor
  • Ejner Hessel
  • Anders Andersens Rengøring
  • People & Performance
  • Det danske filminstitut
  • Hammer Andersen
  • Foodservice
  • Lundin Norge
  • Scandi Standard
  • Scania
  • løvenskiold-Vækerø
  • Sector Alarm finland
  • CAE
  • Mercury Engineering
  • Chill Insurance


Would you like to be part of the collaboration?

It is always possible to see our systems live – with no strings attached. Here, we will have a talk about your specific needs and together we will find a great solution to optimizing your daily HR-processes.


You are always more than welcome to either write or call us:

E-mail: info@hr-manager.dk

Telephone: +45 72 44 06 44