Digitalisation of the HR processes in McDonald’s

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How is digitalisation begun? 

Katrine Schelbli, HR Manager in McDonald’s, was given the task of digitalising McDonald’s HR processes, which include recruitment and scheduling.

She, therefore, began a dialogue with the franchisees to identify which individual needs they had.

After having defined the different needs and processes, she began the dialogue with other companies in the same business as McDonald’s. This was done to gather inspiration in regards to different software suppliers, processes, HR tasks that can be automated and much more.

In the end, Katrine Schelbli had an overview of her demands and was therefore ready to begin the search for their new HR tech suppliers.

Katrine Schelbli, HR Manager in McDonald’s









Choosing suppliers 

”Even though one’s wishes are never 100% fulfilled, I felt like it was really close in my dialogues with HR Manager and Tamigo”; Katrine explains. “It was clear to me that the two suppliers would be the absolute best match, for the needs and demands that McDonald’s had.”

When this was settled, Katrine began a dialogue with both parties. The purpose of the dialogues was to identify HR Manager’s and Tamigo’s ability to understand McDonald’s processes and workflows, for creating the optimal setup.

Katrine has from the beginning looked at suppliers that could be integrated with other systems. The reason for this choice, is that system suppliers usually are best within ONE field of expertise, for assisting HR professionals. This is why HR Manager and Tamigo are working together and their integration is one of the reasons why Katrine chose to move on in the process, with the two suppliers.

She continues: “HR Manager offers an amazing experience for our candidates and handles the entire recruitment process, whereas Tamigo are experts within scheduling. This means that McDonald’s now have a solution, in which data is automatically sent between the two systems. This also means that leaders and HR professionals avoid double typing, as well as allowing them to focus on the employees rather than administrative tasks.”

The future cooperation with HR Manager and Tamigo

Since the franchisees will be daily users of the system, they must agree upon the choice of suppliers that are going to contribute with the optimisation of their HR processes. Therefore, Katrine had to show them why HR Manager and Tamigo is the right choice. Keeping McDonald’s needs and the opportunities with HR Manager and Tamigo in mind, the franchisees quickly realised it was the right choice.

“Now, all restaurant managers are solving their HR tasks simply and effectively and if they are in doubt about anything, they may use the support in HR Manager and Tamigo. The mutual cooperation between all 3 parties is working very well and we are expecting McDonald’s to be using both HR Manager’s recruitment system (Talent Recruiter) and Tamigo’s scheduling system for the next years!” says Katrine with a smile.


HR Manager has a lot of partners, in all business and of all sizes. The reason for why HR Manager has a lot of partners, is because the systems have been developed with an open API. This means it is possible to synchronise data across systems like Active Directory, payroll, time scheduling, e-learning etc.

Both, the recruitment system (Talent Recruiter) and the HR system (Talent Manager), offer standard integrations, which can be used by any customer. This means it is possible to transfer candidate information with a few clicks, as well as ensure the candidate is created automatically in the company’s other systems. The HR data is also maintained automatically in all systems, when employee data is changed by the leader, HR or the employee.

If you wish to receive more insight in HR Manager and their partners, you may read more here: HR Manager’s partners

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