Courses and training

We have focus on new ways of learning and optimal usage of the systems

We will continuously receive more users, both leaders and administrators

With more than 15 years of experience, we see cases where we automatize the day to day HR processes and in many cases we also see that customers have their other day to day tasks optimized. This means that we, with flexibility, can adjust to all corporate and department needs, included individual needs. A lot of our users wants sparring with other users and demand experience from us as a supplier. We continuously receive more users, in the form of new customers and existing customers and their new employees. Being a new user to our systems, we want to make sure that there is focus on learning and understanding the systems, so you and your HR colleague can optimize the usage of the system.

This is why we have created courses. We want to ensure that you have a broad and solid understanding of how the systems work and can be used in your day to day life. The courses have focus on optimizing your recruitment and HR processes, to ensure a high level of effectiveness in your day to day life. The courses will give you enhanced productivity, quality checks and an optimized user experience. The courses are furthermore always held on an understanding and user friendly level, to ensure you will gain as much as possible from the courses. Together we will optimize your HR processes.

Sofie Jagert

Candidate in learning and change processes

Sofie advises our customers how to best avoid resistance with the new system, but instead receives a successful implementation and change process.

Annelie Wistedt

Customer Relations Manager

More than 10 years of experience with HR and recruitment. Annelie has a great passion for satisfying customers with proper education and customized systems.