Changes in ‘Appraisal & development plan’

We have now made some improvements in the module: ‘Appraisal & development plan’ in Talent Manager.

But there is also a great feature for ‘Simple appraisal’ which is standard in ‘Talent Manager Basic’ for all customers. You can now rename the tab at the employee cart and call them what you want; ex. One 2 one, Meetings, Monthly brief etc.

All the changes, you can find here (to read more about the specific, see the attached document below):

1         Changes in appraisal & development plan

1.1      Simple appraisal tab is now custom text

1.2      Simple appraisal vs. appraisal – two tabs

1.3      Updated status bar at the employee list ‘Appraisal & dev. plan status’

1.4      A new option to delete appraisals/development plans

1.5      Visibility of drafted form and plan

1.6      Invite from ‘Simple appraisal’

1.7      New/updated statuses for appraisal/development plan

1.8      Appraisal steps | Invite before appraisal form

1.9      Development plan approval

1.10    User roles-specific questions in appraisal form

Click here to see all the changes: