The mobile app is a great travel partner

Being the Scandinavian recruitment manager Lasse Jansen often travels to either Sweden or Norway. – The amount of travel time does give some “waiting time”, but fortunately he always carries the HR Manager Application with him in his pocket.“I travel 150 -180 days a year, which means that I spend quite a lot of time at the airports in Scandinavia. For that reason the HR Manager app has become my faithful companion. Regardless of where I am, I can read and process applications and that means that I can optimize my time in a greater extent and therefore avoid wasted time,” says Lasse Jansen.

Only good things to say about HR Manager
As the world´s second largest distributor of office services, Lyreco has 600 employees in Scandinavia and carry out approximately 150 recruitments each year. In 2012 Lyreco decided to implement HR Manager in Scandinavia, so their recruitments and the 6000 annual applications are today processed through the recruitment system. And ever since the first time Lyreco became acquainted with the system, the users have been extremely enthusiastic.“ Right up to 2012 we used to work with a recruitment system, which was integrated into our SAP solution. But unfortunately it gave us too many challenges. HR Manager came in the picture right as we about to make a deal with another provider and that we have not regretted for a moment,” says Lasse Jansen.

And he is particularly pleased with the user friendliness in the system and the support that he receives.

“I am not any IT expert – on the contrary. But to me the system operates incredible logically and user friendly, which is the same, I am hearing from our 100 leaders, who all use the system to some extent. I am usually not easy to impress, but I have been by this system and also by the technical support we are receiving as they always respond instantly and are always very solution oriented.”

Next step will probably be the rest of the world
For the time being Lyreco has implemented the system in Scandinavia, but being a global company with more than 10.000 employees, Lasse can easily see the system being used outside Scandinavia.
“We are a global company that is constantly looking for the best solutions that can optimize the business. As the system is also available in English, which is our corporate language, I can easily imagine that in the course of time it will be rolled out in the other countries. We are certainly extremely pleased with the solution and speak highly of it – in the whole organization,” says Lasse Jansen

Fakta om Lyreco
  • Lyreco er en verdensomspændende distributør af kontorartikler, grundlagt i 1926 af Georges-Gaston Gaspard, Frankrig
  • Lyreco koncernen er aktiv i 42 lande på 4 kontinenter.