Protect the company’s brand

Pernille Sandberg is the HR- and communication responsible in Falck and is in charge for Falck Group Assistance, and for her there is no doubt about the importance of a user friendly e-recruitment system.
“It is crucial for a company to have a user friendly e-recruitment tool that ensures that job seekers have a good user experience. Not having this can easily hurt the company’s brand. By publishing an advertisement as a company online, and thereby asking people to apply to it and not the least devote the necessary time for it, then as a company you have a commitment to the applicant,” says Pernille Sandberg.

And she emphasizes that the company is not always aware of how a bad story spreads significantly faster than a good story, and moreover tends to spread as fast as ripples in the water.

“I have in my work with recruitment experienced that applications that are processed manually have suddenly vanished without a trace, and in especially unfortunate circumstances I have experienced that the applicant never received any answer to the application at all. This is unacceptable and one can only imagine how this person subsequently describes this company to his/her network.”

Pernille Sandberg has in the last couple of years been a part of developing a department from four to 400 employees, and for her there is no doubt that it is crucial with an intuitive, user friendly and well-
functioning e-recruitment system in this kind of setting.
“When you need to hire several hundreds of people in a short amount of years, then there is a great demand to the e-recruitment system, not just for the external use, but also for the internal processes. It is essential that the system is intuitive and user friendly so that it is easy to get new employees to use the system. Furthermore, it is important that it is, in one way or another, focused and ensured on the future – for example if you want to implement the system in different countries in the long run – including being compatible for different devices so the users can use the system via app’s and not just through the computer.”

Pernille Sandberg is very aware of that the employees representing the company is crucial for the company’s brand.
“The employer-branding part is very important for a company today. It is the employees that takes part of creating the company’s brand. Having satisfied employees – which you can get through amongst others, having comprehensive systems and processes – then this will rub off on the outside world and thus also affect the company’s brand”

Facts about Falck A/S
  • Falck A/S is a Danish rescue company, founded on the third of October, 1906. It was founded by Sophus Falck under the name “Redningskorpset for Kiøbenhavn og Frederiksberg A/S”, and has also existed under the names “Det Danske Redningskorps” (often called “Falck-Zonen”), “Falcks Redningskorps and “Group 4 Falck”
  • Today Falck A/S has approximately 38.000 (2015) employees, in 45 countries, in all 6 continents