A video CV says more

than thousand words

CULT was founded in 1998 and is one of the strongest brands in Denmark in energy drinks today. As a provider of a product targeted at young people, it is important to be visible at a number of events around Denmark. And the events need outgoing profiles – it naturally makes high demands in recruitment purposes.

Video CV, which is a module of the HR Manager Talent Recruiter, ensures that CULT get the right profiles for their event crew. ”We are making increasing use of video CV in the recruitment to our event crew, which include our CULT-girls and CULT-photographers,” says Malene Kastrup, HR Manager at CULT, and she adds:
“Video CV is fantastic, because it says more about the candidate than a piece of paper, especially when it comes to our event crew, who needs to be extroverted. A video CV is in many cases difficult to stand alone, but together with a traditional application, it gives us a very clear picture of the candidate. ”

”It is not yet mandatory, that candidates must upload a video CV, and the reason is simply that we continuously seek a lot of candidates to our event crew. If we put an ultimate demand that the candidate must upload a video CV, then I fear that we will lose some potential, talented candidates. Currently we mostly receive the traditional applications, but video CV is definitely the future, and it works really well in our recruitment system,” says Henrik Wissler Duus, Event Manager at CULT.
CULT started to use HR Manager a year ago, among other on the recommendation of a recruitment company that helped them find the right candidates.
”Our recruitment partner recommended us to implement HR Manager about a year ago. We compared the system extensively with three others, but we then chose HR Manager. Besides that, we make much use of the Video CV module today. HR Manager made it possible for us to streamline our processes related to the handling of applications,” says Malene Kastrup.

Facts about Cult A/S
  • Cult A/S is a Danish corporation, with main office in Lystrup, near Aarhus. The corporation produces energy drinks and ciders, with or without alcohol.