Best HR system 2018!

By October 10, 2018News Archive

Best HR system 2018

The successful summer of 2018 is now reaching its end and we are getting closer to autumn and winter.

This allows us to look back at the idea our two owners had 15 years ago, which has now been named the best HR system in 2018.

According to the latest HR industry report “HR Tech”, which has been worked out by Supana, HR Manager Talent Solutions is named as the “Best HR system supplier in 2018”.

”If you focus on satisfaction amongst the customers, among 389 of the largest companies in Denmark, HR Manager Talent Solutions Denmark is the best HR system supplier in 2018.”

Receiving this title is also the perfect occasion for looking back at how we started.

It all started with a need:

The founders Lars Christian Ringdal and Oddbjørn Elgstøen had a headhunting firm back in 2003 and thought user-friendly HR software solutions was missing to support their processes. Lars and Oddbjørn then decided to develop a unique solution for the HR and recruitment industry with the vision of being the ‘Leading HR supplier in the Nordics’.

The users in focus:

The systems had to be developed with the user in focus – and it had to create value for more than HR, e.g. leaders, employees, recruitment companies and all other types of users. This is how user-friendliness and flexibility became the fundament for our development.

The solution had to be developed concurrently with the customers and the market, which is the reason the solution became cloud based and allows all customers to gain from new functionalities. We have now been developing the solution based on customer’s requests and needs for 15 years, which has given us strong partnerships – and we appreciate working with all of them.

”We have a trustworthy supplier that is passionate about creating a modern and user-friendly HR system in which we can simplify our HR processes, be compliant with the personal data regulation and always quickly receive a visual overview of our employee data.”

Anders Mærsk, HR Manager, Albatros Travel

Best HR system supplier

We are of course very excited, since we are now able to call us the best HR system supplier as well as being market leaders within HR software.

ProIntel has called Denmark’s 384 largest companies and made a survey. In the survey, we received 1st place compared to other HR system suppliers. This means we can make a difference in the HR universe and create value for our customers with our platform.

From a start-up firm…

When HR Manager started back in 2003, the first companies went into business with us and have stayed ever since. We are of course very appreciative for this loyalty.

We have developed our combined HR platform and grown so fast that it has been difficult keeping up sometimes. This is why 2018 has been such an important year for us so far. We have hired a new CTO, a new Support & Operations Manager as well as a new Key Account Manager. Our CCO has also moved to Oslo for streamlining the communication, sales and marketing actions across the borders.

Today the leader group in HR Manager consists of 4 driving forces; Lars Chr. Ringdal, CEO (top right corner), Oddbjørn Elgstøen, CMO (top left corner), Nikolaj Petersen, Country Manager Denmark (lowest left corner) and Julie Maja Nielsen, CCO (lowest right corner). Together they make a strong team that ensures growth, professionalism and stability throughout the teams of HR Manager.

We will continue to offer a combined user-friendly HR platform that makes a difference for the entire HR universe – as well as concentrating on living up to our hashtag #HRinfront, strategically, development wise and in our daily routines.

We are looking forward to the rest of 2018 and to spend 2019 in cooperation with you!

Facts about HR Manager

The leading supplier of HR software in the Nordics
Main office in Oslo (with own development department)
Offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Dept.: Sales, Support, Implementation and Development
The number of employees is today 54

Facts about our customers

900 customers with 10-20.000 employees
Customers in all industries, private as well as public
Users in more than 50 countries

Facts about our combined HR platform

The solution:
The systems can be used as a combined HR platform or individually

Talent Recruiter (recruitment system)
Talent Onboarding (onboarding tool)
Talent Manager (HR management)

Cloud-based HR platform
System languages: 21+ (dk, no, se, eng, fi, es, po, de, fr etc.)
Number of yearly recruitments: 4.000.000
Number of yearly HR users: 36.500
Developed with Microsoft technology
Compliant to GDPR: Yes