HR Manager by Talentech

The leading supplier of HR and

recruitment systems in The Nordics

Why are we here?

Back in 2003 we decided to develop unique software solutions for the Nordic market and the dream was to develop software solutions for the HR and recruitment business. As a unique feature, the systems had to be developed as user friendly and flexible solutions, that constantly evolves as the customers and the market evolves. The form was meant as cloud based solutions. So this was how we started.

We set ONE overall goal – and yes, we wanted to be the leading supplier of HR and recruitment systems in The North

Today the entire team in HR Manager is happy that this succeeded, and most of all; with satisfied and recurring customers! HR Manager has become a success caused be several factors; partly because there has been an ambitious goal, will, committed employees, a wide range of cultural differences, a fantastic team spirit, skilled developers and partly because our customers are cooperative. The demand on the market is mainly for user friendly and flexible solutions – this is where we want to offer the best solutions.

- What does it involve?

As a supplier, we are ISO certified, have an AAA-rating from Dun & Bradstreet and all systems has been developed on the Microsoft platform.
All three systems; Talent Recruiter, Talent onboarding and Talent Manager are compliant with both the current and the future general data protection regulations (that will come into force at May 18’). We therefor offer a data protection agreement for all our customers.
We also offer a guaranteed uptime for all our customers!

What makes us specialists?

Our vision has since 2003 been, that we wished to be specialists in HR and recruitment processes, that should create value and make a difference for all corporations; both in all sizes and on all markets. By listening to you and our other users, we constantly learn how the systems can be developed and create even more value in the corporate world. We have more than 900 customers in The North today, with users in more than 50 countries and in all continents. The systems are developed to live up to all requirements in the public as well as the private sector, which gave us the opportunity for our current position on the market.

We have become specialist thanks to our customers.

Recruitment, Onboarding and HR management in ONE solution

The systems are ongoing developed and customized to our customers’ needs. The right solution for the customer means everything to us! That is why we go through the entire implementation phase with you and guide you in the following usage of the systems.

With an interest and insight in the daily users, we create better conditions for the development of the systems – the full exploitation of a solid partnership has great potential. The purpose of it all is that our customers can reduce their time spent on administrative HR tasks by up to 80%. This will of course be accompanied with the absolute best support and good personal service.

Are you on the lookout for a supplier that can deliver ONE combined HR platform for all your HR processes? Or are you only on the lookout for one of our systems; recruitment, onboarding or HR system? All options are open.

Our values are a large part of HR Manager. Therefor we are open in regards to which values we base our work on.


A strong and professional cooperation with our customers creates a unique position for us as a supplier. The team in HR Manager always provides a professional service, regardless of it being implementation, support or development.

We will continuously the absolute best and most professional HR solutions for the HR and recruitment business. This is e.g. done by updating our systems quarterly, with new and updated functions which we develop based upon feedback from our customers.

We deliver quality support from 8 AM to 5 PM all weekdays, without any extra billing for our customers. With more than 800 customers in the North, public as well as private, small as well as large, we are now able to open our arms for any type of customer!

Even though we are in the leading position, we know that constant development and customer customization is the way forward and to improve our systems even more.

Human resources

To create the framework for a corporation with room for freedom, happiness and ambitions, is a key factor for us. It must be challenging, fun and developing to meet at work!

We are THE supplier of the North with most experience within the HR and recruitment businesses. This means we can educate our staff in the systems and the processes, in such a degree, that meeting up at work feels comfortable. We will develop competencies and offer that all new employees become specialists within our business area.

Our human resources mean that employees have influence and can work across departments, e.g. when support cooperates with our development department, to create new functionalities to benefit our customers and ourselves. This means that we have created an atmosphere with strong unity, which naturally affects our customers in a positive way when they visit us.

We believe our employees are our most important asset.

Customer understanding and service

In HR Manager we want our customers to feel like a part of our community. You will always be met with prepared and helpful employees, with you having our undivided attention.

Our persistent attempt to have customer understanding and service as a constant focus area, has given us a customer satisfaction on 97% and a 98% customer recurrence, which we are very proud of.

Our most important task within the cooperation of our customers, is that we are seen as a stable supplier of HR and recruitment systems, with constant customization to all specific needs.

We will of course continue to develop within our service parameters, to maintain our status as a loyal and faithful supplier – and continue contributing to the special cooperation with our customers.

Innovation and new ways of thinking

As a supplier of software solutions it is very important to us that we are always one step ahead of the market’s trends and continuously developing the solutions. Our DNA is that we are innovative and develop in completely new ways, to fulfill all the customers’ needs.

This is why we were on the market with e.g. a recruitment app, digital signature, video resume, Dropbox integration, ‘search with Linkedin’, responsive design and much more. These functions are all options that we were able to offer our customers, before they felt the need of using them. To be a FIRST MOVER means a lot to us.

Today, a lot of our customers can’t live without a lot of the functionalities that we have developed.

This means that we, in HR Manager not only develops after demand, but also develop based on the the market trends and new approaches. We will keep developing this way, so we can always offer you the absolute best HR solutions for you and your customers.